School Residency

The European Art Adventure

The European Art Adventure can be presented as a weeklong residency or as individual workshops or classes. Students & educators of all ages are welcome to explore treasures of Central and Eastern European traditional craft making. Duration of each session is 45 to 60 minutes and is limited to 30 students per classroom. Teachers and volunteers must be present during the workshop at all times.

During the residency, students will learn Czech dough ornament making, Slovak wheat weaving, Polish paper cutting and Ukrainian egg decorating. See below for more detailed descriptions.

Czech Dough Ornaments (45-60min)

The art of ornamental dough originated in the town of Vizovice in northern Moravia. Traditional shapes and have been baked for over 140 years.

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Slovak Wheat Weaving (45-60min)

Wheat weaving has been traced back to ancient times and has always been associated with joyful festivals that occurred and harvest time.

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Polish Paper Cutting (45-60min)

Traditional paper cuts, Wycinanki, adorned Polish village homes for many years dating back to the first half of the 19th century.

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Ukrainian Egg Decorating (45-60min)

The egg decorating craft was well established in different regions of Ukraine and other neighboring countries, such as Czech Lands, Slovakia, Poland, and Romania

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